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Sasha Regan’s All- Male Iolanthe (Wilton’s Music Hall/ UK Tour)

Sasha Regan’s All- Male Iolanthe (Wilton’s Music Hall/ UK Tour)

2018 February-May

“The whole thing races along at hilarious breakneck speed, with some nifty knockabout choreography from Mark Smith”
- The Guardian

“The production is fantastically served by both costume and choreography, by Stewart Charlesworth and Mark Smith respectively. The choreography is tremendously physical but never overly showy”

- Exeunt Magazine


“Regan and/or choreographer Mark Smith gives the fairies a constant gestural language as if, having no wings except whatever scarves or bunting are handy, their hands must do the fluttering.”

- Financial Times


“The understated fairy wings, which are all different, reflecting the fairies individual personalities, really pay off during some lovely choreography from Mark Smith.”

- Theatre Weekly


A bizarre yet addictive choreographic vision from Mark Smith incorporating Ballet/Contemporary/Sign Language”

- Ben Kirk,


“Choreographer Mark Smith brings sign language to the precisely-directed movement, which adds an intriguing dimension and yet another of the many layers of detail this show has in spades.”

- Broadway Baby Review


“Smith’s work isn’t just delightful – it is bold and interesting. His use of sign language in dance creates a new level of meaning that complements the humour and excitement of the piece.”

- The London Magazine


”Mark Smith’s choreography is outstanding.”

- WhatsOnStage


"Surely no D'Oyly Carte chorines would have been up to the mark of Mark Smith's choreography, with graceful sign language to complement all that tripping hither.”

- The Arts Desk


"Mark Smith’s delightful choreography"



"Mark Smith’s choreography shows off the cast in an array of styles and blends with the music perfectly, complementing each lyric without becoming too overbearing or unnatural."

- The Public Reviews


“Fabulous ensemble dance routines thanks to choreographer Mark Smith” 

- Front Row Dress

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