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The Little Big Things (Sohoplace, London)

Little Big Things

2023 September to present

“Mark Smith’s astonishing choreography is equally celebratory, fusing muscular contemporary dance with sign language to inventive, theatrically potent effect, and including the wheelchair users in the company with a fluid, entrancing grace.”
- WhatsOnStage

“With choreography by Mark Smith and a dazzling colour palette from the set, lighting and video design team, this is a production you won’t forget in a hurry — and for all the right reasons.”

- London Box Office


“Choreographer Mark Smith seamlessly integrates the able and disabled cast in his joyful choreography and uses the full height of the theatre: you’ll believe a man in a wheelchair can fly.”

- The Evening Standard


“Mark Smith’s choreography blends gestures from British Sign Language with graceful lyricism.”

- The Stage


Choreography by Mark Smith is stunning throughout”

- Musical Theatre Review


“There’s some bold and beautiful work from Mark Smith in terms of choreography: I adored how BSL has been incorporated in particular, and much like the rest of this show, there’s a sense of “why has it taken this long?”

- Kerrie Nicolson


“The clever direction is enhanced by Mark Smith’s pulsating choreography that feeds into that oh-so-important energy and momentum.”

- LondonTheatre1


Mark Smith's fantastic choreography enables the entire stage to be used and once again is fully inclusive with all cast members involved and the use of BSL a lovely touch.”

- Musical Manda


“Mark Smith’s choreography was beautiful to watch, inspiringly lifting elements from BSL in its movement, it created a beautifully inclusive approach which was always mesmerising.”

- All That Dazzles


“Innovative choreography”

- Thespyinthestalls

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