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The Who’s Tommy (Ramps on the Moon UK Tour)

The Who’s Tommy (Ramps on the Moon UK Tour)

2017 March-April

“Choreographer Mark Smith has done a wonderful job of combining signing with dance so that those of us who don’t sign aren’t quite sure whether we are watching a word or a movement, thus creating a unique kind of poetry.”
- WhatsOnStage

“There are some great moments, including Mark Smith’s 60s-inspired choreography at the climactic holiday camp meeting, in which limbs and wheelchairs whirl across the stage in ecstatic abandon as Tommy’s followers hail him. The use of signing and the way some characters are voiced adds a fascinating layer to the evening.”

- The Guardian


“Choreographer Mark Smith, deaf himself, has a really imaginative flair for integrating sign into dance.”

- Musical Theatre Review


Mark Smith’s dynamic choreography ensure the story is clarified with movement and mime”

- Entertainment Focus


“It’s all brought together in spectacular style on Neil Irish’s folding, projection-splashed, metallic set, with Mark Smith’s choreography – an exuberant extrapolation of sign language – ensuring accessibility for all. An eye-opening, awe-inspiring, extraordinary evening.”

- The Stage

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